Thursday, February 7, 2013

Historic Building for Sale
  1879 Blacksmith Shop
     We are presenting our historic property for sale.  It was buiIt as a blacksmith shop in 1879.  It is located in Roca, Nebraska.   
     Roca is a small village of 225 souls just 6 miles south of Lincoln, conveniently close to city shopping.   
   We have owned the building for about 18 years.  New plumbing and electrical was installed in 2003.  We have kept all systems updated, including a new High Efficiency Heat Pump that was installed in late 2011

Here is an early photo of Roca Country Inn, when it was a Dry Goods Store in 1895 or so.  About 7 years after the local blacksmith built the building, he sold to a local landowner who brought in "Dry Goods" or groceries. The place continued as a Grocery Store until the 1960's.

The second floor is a loft style apartment that is presently a Bed & Breakfast.  It has a completely outfitted kitchen with newer appliances. 
 There is a very large bedroom at the north end of the loft area which is 12' X 17' and a mezzanine area above the bedroom that is also a sleeping area. 
The bathroom was completely remodeled in 2003 and actual period fixtures were installed

The ground floor is presently an Antique Store. It also has a small kitchen and scullery with commercial dish washing (triple vat) sink

The property has 2 large brick patios.  This is a photo of the East patio and there is a smaller West patio.  These have been used for events like Antique Shows, receptions, weddings, reunions and large dinner events.

  Behind the main building is a 
30' X 40' shop building and Garage

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